Lilvtechs School Management System

Simple and affordable school management system with integrated parents. teachers, students portal that features online test, assignments and exams with real time monitoring of all school related activities. 

Lilvtechs School Management Software looks to bring affordable school management systems to schools. It is designed to free up more time for teaching, increase interaction with students in the classroom, reduce errors and raise quality of education.

Features of Lilvtechs School Management Software

Parents Portal

Parents have access to school portal to track children's information and activities, pay fees, stay abreast of children’s performance, communicate with staff and other relevant information.

Students Portal

Students can access portal to view/edit own profile, pay fees, submit assignments, take tests and online exams, view exam reports, and access other relevant school information.

Staff Portal

Staff can access portal to manage classes, set homework tests and exams, collate reports, take attendance, keep track of student performances and communicate with parents.

Online Payment

Accept payments online via PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, and Cash/Bank payments giving parents multiple payment options. Invoices and receipts are generated and issued realtime.

Online Exam

Staff can set homework, tests and exams online. Students log in to the portal at the stipulated time for the exams to take them. Results are computed real-time and scores immediately available after.

Class Attendance

Lilvtechs SMS provides easy to use interface where class teachers log into the portal to track daily attendance of students. Parents know real-time if and when their child did not report to school.

LSMS Features

The core features and packages of the Lilvtechs School Management System are:

Parents can access the school portal to view their children’s information, track and pay fees, keep track of their children’s performance and access other information.

Students can access the school portal to view their profile, track and pay fees, access exam reports, keep track of their performance and access other school information.

LILVTECHS SMS can be integrated with you Online. admission application system, making it easy for you to accept and admit and enroll new students with just a click.

LILVTECHS SMS automatically generates a printable identity card for each students on enrollment, saving time and cost of designing ID cards for students.

Create unlimited users with various roles such as Admins, Teachers, Librarians, Accountants, etc. There is no limit to number of users


LILVTECHS SMS offers online. payment platforms using PayPal, Paystack and Cash/Bank payments, with tools to easily create custom payment gateways, giving parents multiple payment options.

Real time chat feature. Chat with students, parents and staff in real time.

Sending SMS/Email alerts is one of the best feature of LILVTECHS SMS. It empowers you by reducing distance between your school and parents/students.

LILVTECHS SMS provides teachers with tools to manage class attendance, record exam and assessment marks, generate students’ exam report and much more

With LILVTECHS SMS, you can create and manage many other school staffs such as Accountants, Front-Desk staff, Librarians, Managers, each with defined roles.

Manage school schedules, class schedules, school activities, events, calendar and much more


Create and manage school sessions, terms and classes. Setup active sessions and terms at the start of each term.

LILVTECHS SMS automatically generates professional looking Invoices/Receipts for each fees. Parents can also view and print their invoices.

Migrating your existing school records is as easy as clicking a few buttons. LILVTECHSSMS provides tool to easily import existing records from any Excel or CSV file.

Create and manage assignments. School Ledger provides a platform for your students to submit assignments electronically online.

Create Exams for various school sessions and terms, record students’ exam and assessment marks. LILVTECHS SMS automatically computes results for each students

LILVTECHS SMS includes an easy to use Library management system to enable you issue-out as well as keep track of books and other items in your school library.

Create and manage school buses with defined route and assign students to buses. You can also configure Fees for only students assigned to bus.

Create and collect different fees for different sessions, terms, classes or even group of students. View various fee reports

LILVTECHS SMS empower you with the ability to manage and control your school accounts more effectively. It supports double entry accounting system and generates automatic financial statements.


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